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Wed Jun 11 23:35:52 BST 2008

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Actually, as this was originally ruled a duplicate of Bug #1 - I think
it may have been changed, although there was still some discussion of
whether it is or not - it would be a concern for marketing. Fixing Bug
#1 is the #1 goal of this team and part of our mission statement.

By getting FOSS access to proprietary drivers, we make it easier for
people to switch to Ubuntu from Windows. This is why I proposed a
marketing project to organize a letter writing campaign to companies
like Belkin and Broadcom to get them to lift their restrictions and
include FOSS installation on the disks they provide with their
equipment - not just Windows and Mac.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 23:05:42 +0100
Dean Sas <dean at deansas.org> wrote:

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> Onno Benschop wrote:
> > On 09/06/08 22:12, Albert Roy wrote:
> >> I am a semi literate computer user who is working to promote FOSS
> >> alternatives to proprietary solutions. I use PcLinuxOs and Ubuntu
> >> as they are the most user friendly distributions and I am able to
> >> serve much of my computing needs with these FOSS solutions. I find
> >> my ability to convince those with less knowledge then me to follow
> >> hampered by seemingly unimportant stuff.
> >>
> >> One such difficulty is the absence of a tick box in Gnome
> >> preventing users from accidentally sliding panels around. 
> >>
> >> I am passing this observation on to you so that you can pass it up
> >> the command chain. It is a marketing problem that can easily be
> >> solved. ( I am now in the process of installing Pessulus but a
> >> "lock panel position" tick box in the panel properties page, is
> >> what is really needed.)
> It's a technical problem with a technical solution - I don't think bug
> reports should be something marketing people deal with (unless we're
> marketing to potential developers).
> > I confess that when I read your email, I remembered a 'lock' option
> > in the preferences, but I don't see it there, so perhaps my mind is
> > playing tricks on me.
> You can lock individual applets but not the whole panel.
> >     * You could add a bug to launchpad, but I don't know how
> > successful you will be in getting it resolved.
> >     * You could look for discussions with the gnome developers on
> > the subject and see what they decided.
> >     * You could also log a bug with gnome.
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/83286
> Cheers,
> Dean
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