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Dean Sas dean at deansas.org
Wed Jun 11 23:23:21 BST 2008

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Cory K. wrote:
> So with this, I'd like to know who is currently the "official" lead and
> who besides John Botscharow (who is the only AFAIK who has expressed
> interest) would like to take over? Is the position even up for grabs?
> Seems like it since nobody has really done anything with the team. If
> there is a lead (who may just be inactive) there needs to be a clear
> transfer of power.

We haven't got one and there is some debate over the need for one.

> I've said it before, this team (as well as any Ubuntu team for that
> matter) needs a clear leader who will drive the team. I'd recommend at
> least a 1 development cycle commitment.

Of the teams that I know about:
The MOTU team didn't have a leader for years after they started out,
they currently have a council, that doesn't do much more than give
people commit rights.

The ubuntu-doc team don't have a leader - they do have people who can
commit to the repository and people who don't. They do have people who
take more responsibility for things than others and there are people
who's say-so is listened to more. None of these things were ever made
"official", they just happened de-facto.

Ubuntu-UK have a "leader" who (as far as I can tell), basically pretends
leadership doesn't exist - he gets on with initiatives and asks for help
and input just as he did before and as he points out, anyone else is
free to join in or start their own initiative. At least as much gets
done as it ever did, probably more.

Most teams that have a leader have a council of 3-5 which exists for
either dispute resolution or giving out access rights to something. We
have no current need for the latter at least and it's rare that the
first is needed for any team.


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