[ubuntu-marketing] the road ahead !!

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 22:13:02 BST 2008


Please keep in mind that we have all unified here to volunteer to help do
what we can to help spread the word about Ubuntu Linux.  A product whose
very essence is built on learning about oneself through togetherness.

Every voice here matters.  Keeping an open mind to both sides of the debate
will help you grow personally, and it will aid you professionally.  There
isn't anything wrong with hearing what others have to say on the matter
provided that its relevent and timely.

I would appreciate if in the future we all take a step back when addressing
one another and congratulate in public but criticize in private.  Keep the
discussion on topic and do not let personal feelings influence your

John Vilsack
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