[ubuntu-marketing] Marketing material needs a home

Tord Jansson tord.jansson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 07:29:11 BST 2008

Hi there,

I'm new to this list since about 12 hours so let me just give a quick 
introduction and then cut straight to the chase.

My name is Tord Jansson, I'm 33 years old and live in a mid-sized 
Swedish town called Norrköping. CTO for a small software company by day, 
dedicated Ubuntu advocate by night (or mostly evenings, mornings and 
weekends to be precise).

Two months ago I started a personal crusade to market Ubuntu in my local 
town and build up a strong local user base. I acknowledge this will take 
time and persistence and I hope to see some tangible results 2-3 years 
down the line with a local and very active Ubuntu-club.

My first step was to create some adverts and posters to put on public 
noticeboards around town. So far I have made 5 different adverts/posters 
and of the first one I have now put up more than 200 copies in mostly 
building entrances. I expect to at least double that before the end of 
the summer. The rest of the posters are being saved for future activities.

The posters are currently in Swedish only, but I have put them all in a 
zip-archive reachable from this URL if you want to take a look:


They have all been made in Scribus and the "source code" for all except 
number five is reachable from this page:


Sorry about the advertisement and crap you will have to step through...

Anyway, my reasons for posting this to your mailing-list are the following:

1. I believe these adverts can be useful to many more than myself once 
they have been translated to English. Decent marketing material for 
Ubuntu seems with a few exceptions to be hard to find.

2. I will need help to translate these to English. I can make a fully 
understandable translation myself but the text will need to be polished 
afterwards so it reaches the right professional marketing level. Any 

3. I need a good place to store these adverts and any future material I 
make. Preferably it should be a shared place where marketing material 
from various sources is gathered, scrutinized by a community, 
categorized and provided for easy download. I believe that is one of the 
goals with the Ubuntu-marketing team, so what are the plans and has work 
been started on a site like that? Is there any interim solution that is 

4. I want feedback on my work (although this might be hard to give until 
I have translated the texts). Tell me whether you agree or disagree on 
the way I market Ubuntu. Is it too confrontational? too careful? too 
much text? too little information? focusing on the wrong things? I want 
my adverts to reflect the spirit of the Ubuntu community while at the 
same time being catchy and fun. Most of all they should just do the job 
of informing people of Ubuntu in a honest and interesting way. All 
feedback is welcome.

5. I'll be happy to discuss grass-root marketing tactics and pool 
resources with anyone doing the same in their local community. I 
understand a lot of that will happen here, right?

Anyway, keep up the good work everyone. Ubuntu is a great distribution 
and I'm personally convinced that it just needs some more public 
exposure and mindshare to really take off.

Tord Jansson
Norrköping, Sweden

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