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Whether the leadership is done through natural selection or election is
not really the point. The point is that there is no leadership AT ALL.
None that is recognized as such by the team or the greater Ubuntu

And as for your marketing efforts, they may have been
effective for you at the very narrow level that you choose to market
at. but would they be effective at a more global level???? Say with
getting on Becta's list???? 

Also, effective is a matter of perspective. I do not know exactly who
you marketed to or what you accomplished, so I reserve commenting on
the effectiveness of what you did. But, unless you were able to convert
a large number of Windows users to Ubuntu, from the global perspective
of Bug #1, your efforts were very limited in their effectiveness. The
purpose of marketing is to make the sale. and for Ubuntu marketing, our
effectiveness needs to be measured in the number of converts we make.
Making converts is our sale! We are not making enough sales!!!!

And don't say that is not something that the marketing team should be
involved in. because it is. We need to be involved in EVERY level of
Ubuntu marketing. This is directly related to my comments about a shift
to a more global perspective on this team.

I'm curious about something. Why did you not register any of your
marketing efforts as a team project? No one who is part of this team
should have to go it alone. But we cannot work as a team if no one
communicates what they are doing with the rest of the team or the rest
of the Ubuntu community. That is, IMHO, what being part of a team is
all about.

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