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You, I guess, are what we in the "colonies" like to call a lone wolf.
You are, and this is not a criticism but merely a statement of fact,
not a team player, and that is fine. But no one person can do
everything that a marketing campaign on the scale that Ubuntu needs to
be marketed can do. That requires a team for reasons I have already
laid out so I won't repeat myself.

o change that.
> The meeting was arranged, and took place without an elected leader. 
> People attended because they wanted to, not because someone told them 
> to. Someone had to arrange it, that is not necessarily a job of a 
> leader. It is the job of whoever is good at doing the organising and 
> communicating about it.
Yes, no one was elected, but without Onno's leadership at the meeting,
we would not have gotten anything done. I do agree we do not
necessarily need elected leaders. But if the leadership is
self-selected, as cream rising to the top - which I feel it did at the
meeting - that leadership has to publicly accept that responsibility,
which is what should have happened at the meeting, but did not. Had
that happened - had we all agreed to serve as the core marketing group
- - "until we get killed or the team finds someone better" to paraphrase
one of my favorite movie lines, we'd not be having this discussion.
Instead we'd be discussing concrete actionable projects that need to be
done to help people like you and the LoCos do a better job of marketing
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