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Hi John, and everyone in the list...

Answering between the lines.

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 3:52 PM, John Botscharow <info at jbotscharow.com>

>  I'd be talking to LoCos like the UK LoCo about what needs to be
> done to get Ubuntu onto Becta's list of recommended software for schools
> in the UK. I'd be writing articles for various educational trade
> joutnals in the US touting the benefits of Edubuntu. I'd be on the phone
> to several very large online home schooling communities here in the US
> that provide curricula to home schoolers about Edubuntu. And talking to
> the LoCos that are located near those communities about putting together
> a demo for those homeschool sites.

There is nothing stopping anyone from starting or doing whatever they
believe is important. Around here things work that way: Get down to the
wiki, e-mail other people doing the same. Organize the available resources
in a per-mini-project basis. Get your work done!

> But I do not have that authority, No one person on this team does. And
> no one person on this team can do that kind of marketing campaign alone.
> It takes a team. A team with leadership. A team wjere everyone has a
> role and understands that role. Any team, whether it is a team of
> volunteers or a team of athletes, cannot function effectively without
> leadership. To think that we can do effective marketing without
> leadership and structure is. to repeat myself, quite naive and will
> result in this team accomplishing nothing but lots of conversation.

True, to a certain extend. I believe people with a "leading role" in this
community understand the need of action and dialogue combined. This, as I
mentioned earlier, is best described in the: Leadership Code of Conduct:


> I apologize if this offends anyone, but like I said, this situation is
> very frustrating. The potential of what we could do as a team - an
> organized team - is staggering. And, personally, I am itching to get it
> going. We can literally rock the world with this! :=)

John, I truly believe you are a wonderful resource to this community and
your insight, experience and depth in marketing generally combined with
other peoples experiences as well is undoubtly part of what we need as a
team, but not everything.

Bare with us, please. We are all used to a methodology and workflow and try
equally to adapt to everyone else's. But in the end we all scratch the itch
that matters most to ourselves, the idea of this team is to see which of
those itches are common and can be syncronized. That's all, we just need
management... But management must be understood within the boundaries of the
community and its members.

I feel inspiration rather than frustration in this ubuntu-marketing
evolution cycle. I believe we should stay focused and rather be positive in
every single way we can, and point out constructively tyhings that are not

But again... I have read this list for a long time and never saw the need to
act, as I never saw real traction in the project (no offence anyone). I
believe that this cycle in the projects history is going to change that.

Let's make that become a reality and work out the technicalities one by one.

> - --
> Peace!
> John


Rubén - Hubuntu
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