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John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 15:56:02 BST 2008

The different extremes being voiced seem to be, "Ubuntu Community Marketing
will fail without leadership as it has before" and "Leadership in FLOSS will
kill individual initiative".  Why can't we think in terms of grey versus
black or white?

Yes, leadership naturally separates itself from the pack to assume roles of
responsibility and with that comes the personal feeling of success or
accomplishment.  But how many open source projects fork at the first lack of
consensus?  If open source directives are truly free, then you are always
going to have opinions that disagree regardless of how loud they might be.

Ubuntu allows for anyone to contribute and that holds true for us as well as
it does for every other aspect of the project.  Like the core-developers
team, a proposed core-marketing team would help determine our priorities,
oversee tools and repositories to ensure that new contributions are added
regularly to our "distribution" and be there to report back to the group
instead of expecting everyone to listen to a cacophony of minutiae
concerning each task.

I still firmly believe that each change in direction, each major undertaking
should seek consensus from the group.  Each new person joining our team
should always have the freedom to do as much (or as little) as they want in
whatever areas that they want.  All leaders should be responsible for making
the things that we need the most help with more visible to those new users,
so they can come in and make an immediate impact because they have direction
and know what needs to be done.

John Vilsack

PS:  I think it would be remiss for us to begin listing off C.V.s and
historic accomplishments as a means to justify our opinions.  Some of the
smartest people I have met in my life, and some of the ones who have made
grand contributions throughout history have done so by taking their first
steps.  We should judge based on initiative and talent, not bullet points.
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