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This is VERY interesting indeed. Any LoCo that does this would be able
to make official proposals to organizations like Becta, I am pretty
sure. A LoCo that did this would be a VERY valuable marketing partner
for getting Ubuntu into schools and government offices, maybe even
corporations. Wouldn't that just ruffle old Bill Gates's feathers!!! LOL
I sure hope the UK LoCo gives this some serious thought. Hint Hint :-)
As well as every LoCo in the US!

Once we get ourselves organized, maybe we should set up a committee to
work on how we can help the LoCos who decide to become legal entities do
some serious B2B marketing. And to encourage as many LoCos to take this
step. Help them do the necessary research; point out the benefits; and
help them set up a marketing plan.

This is what we should be doing for the LoCos. Whoever becomes the LoCo
liason really should get in touch with the Danish team and see what we
can do to help them as well as learn the process of becoming a legal
entity. Yes, it will be somewhat different in each country, but working
with the Danish team to see what they are doing will give us a framework
to start from.

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Subject: Legal entity - part 2.
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Hi again everyone.

There seemed to be a bit of interest in the aspect of turning LoCo
teams into legal entities. So I would like to keep you all up to date,
and invite you to take a look at what the Danish Team is working on.

At the Community Council meeting last month the council was open to
the idea, but would like at more specific proposal. Since then we have
been working on such a proposal. It can be seen here:

My hope is that we can have it finalized for the next CC meeting on
the 17th of this month. If the CC accepts our proposal we hope to be
able to help other teams going through the same process. We might even
be able to make a generalised guide that would just need to be
adjusted to local laws and customs. However for now the page linked
above is meant to be a specific proposal for how the Danish Team might
go about this process.

Feel free to comment - feedback is more than welcome.

When we present the page to the CC I will do my best to keep this list
updated on their response.

Kind regads

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