[ubuntu-marketing] Sample Letter to Government

RJ tehnza at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 12:05:52 BST 2008

Interesting, I was working on something close to that. We have a sort of forum 
here in France where everyone can have his word on numeric future in France. 
That's held by the French government for a month, each year.

I'm gathering ideas in French community on "how to highlight the power of 
OpenSource" at the moment, to sent them in the wiki dedicated to the forum, 
and in a letter to our minister.

I'll be looking after your letter and I'll bring you ideas if I can, but my 
first thought is that you got a point speaking about "I'm paying the tax, I 
can have my word".

Keep up the good work,


> ubuntu.com/LoCoLobbyingGovernment/SampleLetter
> I'd like some help editing it and ideas on how we can get people to send
> these letters out. One could also be made to support open document and open
> formats. Should separate letters be made for different countries and
> different government levels (city, state, federal)?

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