[ubuntu-marketing] Next MarketingTeam Meeting - June 7th 2008 -

John Botscharow info at jbotscharow.com
Wed Jun 4 02:39:13 BST 2008

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On 06/03/2008 08:01:51 PM, Onno Benschop wrote:
> On 04/06/08 08:22, John Botscharow wrote:
> > I think, if I remember correctly, someone volunteered to chair the
> > meeting, either John V or Onno, I believe. Confirmation????
> >
> > And we need someone who can type to keep minutes. As my last post 
> so
> > clearly illustrates, that leaves me out. LOL
> >
> > A volunteer to be scribe for a day??????
> >
> > Peace!
> >
> > John B
> >
> >
> Sorry, running out the door, but has this been booked in
> ubuntu-meeting
> because then we'll get the services of mootbot which will log action
> points and log the meeting to a meeting file.
> Also, from the messages I'm unsure where the meeting will be held,
> ubuntu-meeting, or ubuntu-marketing?
> Personally I think it should be in ubuntu-meeting and leave the
> ubuntu-marketing room for day-to-day "live" support.
Does someone with more experience with things Ubuntu and who is on 
right now know how to book ubuntu-meeting be willing to take care of 
this ASAP? Given the goodies that come with the room, this would be our 
best option.


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