[ubuntu-marketing] Organizational meeting proposed (Mike Feravolo)

John Vilsack vilsack at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:34:41 BST 2008

I respectfully disagree.

THe point of the marketing is not to be the Ambassadors, our job is to
manufacture and provide strategies to those that will evangelize the
product.  We may all be those same Ambassadors when not performing our
undertaken responsibilities, but the two are seperate nonetheless.

In a perfect scenario, I can see the newest "Big Fan" of Ubuntu coming
across a page filled with our hard work in an easy to understand fashion.
The prospective evangelist can download a paper to give to their boss to
show why Linux is a smart choice for the business workplace, they can print
out a rider brochure that users can give out with the Live CD, or they can
download this month's newest meeting kit, with full instructions about how
to start up a LoCo and how to reach other to other fans of Ubuntu.

"Ambassadors" of Ubuntu are absolutely essential to the livelihood of the
product.  They should be considered our customers and our number one
priority.  If Canonical is able to collaborate with us to make sure we
aren't repeating ourselves, then great.  But we do not "need" them to
accomplish these goals nor to satisfy any sort of budgetary needs we may
have at this time.

John Vilsack

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 8:21 AM, Mike Feravolo <321.784.5553 at earthlink.net>

> Hello:
> I would be happy to  contribute any way that I can to the the marketing
> team.
> The increase of traffic on the list is a good thing, people shouldn't be
> concerned if people talk about the same thing. They should just be glad
> that people are talking period.
> The success of this team depends on whether Canonical is going to back
> us or not. Right now they produce ton's of CD's and believe that all you
> have to do to sell Ubuntu is give them a CD and they will try it and
> what to make the switch. This method is fine if the only people you are
> marketing to are people with the technical know how to install an
> operating system. However for the other 99% of the people out there that
> use computers, they are afraid of the Live CD and don't try it at all.
> A more effective way to reach them is in print with information that
> makes them to use Ubuntu and seek out support. People in the support
> business will then support them.
> The marketing team should be "ambassadors" for Ubuntu and need the
> support of Canonical to make it work.
> Thank You
> Mike Feravolo
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