[ubuntu-marketing] SpreadUbuntu/MarketingTeam Meeting - Saturday 19th of July - 21:00 UTC in #ubuntu-marketing @ freeNode

Rubén Hubuntu hubuntu at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 20:57:33 BST 2008

The meeting is the first coming Saturday 19th not the 29th.

See you all.


On 7/17/08, Rubén Hubuntu <hubuntu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> The first coming Saturday 29th of July at 21UTC we plan to hold a meeting
> in
> #ubuntu-marketing to talk and adjust our work around the SpreadUbuntu
> Project. Our focus this time will be in the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) repository
> with marketing and artwork material for the whole Ubuntu community. Any
> other SU related questions will be adressed as well.
> We, the Spread Ubuntu team, have been working hard to consolidate all the
> previous work done by others and try to find a path for the future of the
> project. If you love Ubuntu and would like to help us build a site to
> spread
> it please join us:
> * Launchpad - https://launchpad.net/~spreadubuntu
> * UbuntuWiki - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu
> We need *a lot of help* in understanding bzr and launchpad in general, so
> if
> you are good at this you may give us a hand too :-)
> The project status is as follows:
> * Previous DIY and SU projects in launchpad are assigned to us (the SU
> team)
> now
> * We have a playground webserver by Houbsi to work with drupal and we have
> some mockups for the site and logo as well
> * We have started using LaunchPad (LP) to track down task, blueprints ang
> getting to know bzr
>  * blueprint and the bazaar branch for the drupal template
>  * Launchpad will have the elements (using bzr as our DVCS) so we can track
> different versions and keep high quality versions of the material without
> killing the sites bandwidth or storage space
>  * The DIY site will have the latest copy of the elements as well as a
> database pointing to the original elements stored in LP (so they can be
> retrieved if the user wants)
>  * LP will be used for Material translation, change requests, questions &
> answers and material storage (through bazaar and probably a PPA)
> * The Leonov project will be used as a start for our SUgui (a SU desktop
> client for designers/users) and we will implement plug-ins for it so
> elements can be edited from within the app (+/- 1 years from now)
> See you this saturday in #ubuntu-marketing @ FreeNode
> Best regards,
> Rubén Romero
> https://launchpad.net/~huayra

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