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Gunashekar Rajaratnam crguna at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 05:05:29 BST 2008

Just to introduce.
I live in India. My profession is related to market research and
behavioural research. Having briefly gone through the discussions on
this list, the following thoughts come to my mind.
1. The major activities of this group apears to be related to managing
the materials and resources for marketing Ubuntu.
2. There seems to be recent efforts to fill the leadership gap and
need for a team structure. I am sure that a capable leadership lurks
somewhere among the members and will surface soon. Meanwhile, just to
get the discussion on structure moving may i propose an initial list
of activity areas related to marketing for you all to discuss, add and
delete. Each activity area may then have team members who wish to be
involved. I suggest that any team member may choose to be active in
one or more activity areas as She/he wishes. The following are the
areas that may need work by this team. Please note that this list is
only meant for brainstorming and feel free to comment, add, modify or
delete or even reject the idea that the marketing team needs such a
1. Strategy / Policy
The Ubuntu, GNU and Free software philosophy dictates much of the
Marketing Strategy and policies. While the decision making on such
matters rests with Cannonical and the company's leadership,  I am sure
that the marketing team would have some valuable contributions to the
policy and marketing strategy. For example my own belief is that,
Ubuntu follows and needs a "Social Marketing" approach. I can
elaborate this thought much more if someone is interested. The
discussions on strategy/ policy may or may not result in some
decisions and changes of approach in Ubuntu  but it is important for
any marketing team to contribute with its strategic thought and
2. Distribution
A good system of distribution (CDs, downloads, OEM ) may already
exist. Still there could be issues and bottlenecks in distributing
ubuntu to every one who may need ubuntu. There could be innovations in
distribution methods and more work in reaching Ubuntu to every corner
of the computing world.
3. Promotion efforts
Events and activities that promote Ubuntu to different types of users.
4. Promotion material
Treating this as a seperate activitiy, because more work seems to be
already going on in this group and certain types of team members may
prefer to restrict themselves to this activity.
5. Product improvements
The marketing team may need to suggest enhancements and changes in the
product design , functions and uses. Some changes have been
brainstormed such as need to change some terminology (for example i386
and AMD 64) into more marketing friendly names. Another example of
ideas is the need for more specialised versions of Ubuntu such as
Ubuntu studio. Of course it is not the marketing team that can decide
on product changes but can certainly discuss and develop arguments for
the decision makers to consider.
6. Market Research
Some online research seems to be happening but like any product,
sytematic market research can be a strong input to the marketing
7. Support to Loco teams
Loco teams may need more inputs than material resources.

This are just my two cents to discuss futher if found worthwhile. Do
comment and tell me if i am off track in making these suggestions.

Regards and best wishes,


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