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n3storm n3storm at grupoikusnet.com
Tue Jul 1 10:54:59 BST 2008

Hi everyone,
Just a tip:

You can plan a workflow like the following:
1- Scribus templates with Lorem ipsum as text and design, logos, graphics.
2- Create a layer for each language.
3- Load translations from external files to the text box of the actual 
language layer.
4- Hide and show language layers to produce pdf with the desired language.

The workflow has the following advantages:
- Translators doesn't need to learn Scribus, just translate.
- Text files can be managed trough versioning systems, even exporting from 
wiki pages: collaborative
- Designers can update logos, graphics and styles and all translations will 
reflect the new changes.

- I haven't browsed trought all documents, so some of them (or many) may not 
be suitable for this technique.
- An Scribus template must be properly built and managed by someone with 
designing skills.
- Some languages can take much more or much less space than others, that means 
fine adjusting kerning and so for each translation and after each language 
updating. (on the other hand we must worry only for text, not layout, 
margins, graphics, etc)

I can eventually help with a prototype of the Scribus template and further 
documentation of the technique.

Yours: n3storm

>El Tuesday 01 July 2008 08:58:56 Tord Jansson escribió:
> Jessica,
> Thanks for volunteering to do Spanish translations. Here is how I suggest
> we go about it, there are two alternatives:
> 1. Do as Onno suggested and download the Scribus source files, install
> Scribus and change the text yourself. This will give you most control
> (formatting, linebreaks etc) and you will get to learn Scribus as a bonus.
> However, there is a learning curve and some extra work involved.
> 2. You just download the PDFs and write your translations in a textfile
> with information on what text goes where and send it to my email address
> and I'll put it into Scribus, tweak the layout, produce the PDFs and upload
> them. This is easier for you but the whole process will get longer since we
> will need to send stuff back and forth a few times for tweaks (e.g. some
> text gets too long and needs to be shortened, linebreaks needs to be
> adjusted etc.).
> In any way you can find the source and PDFs for the English tranlsations on
> this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Materials/ , the link Onno
> provided went to the Swedish files which are the originals but might be
> harder for you to translate ;)
> One last thing, if you decide to contribute translations, please take your
> time. It's very quick and easy to make a quick direct translation but in
> order to make the text fluent, convincing and selling you often need to
> tweak it a lot, taking cultural differences and the fine details of your
> language into account. It took me and Russel about two weeks and nearly a
> dozen of emails before we were satisfied with the English translations.
> Often you translate something and think you nailed it perfectly, then you
> read it a few days later and find a lot of things that could be improved.
> Not trying to scare you away, just saying that attention to detail might
> take some time but is generally worth it in the end. Any translation, as
> long as it is usable, is welcome though.
> Regards,
> Tord Jansson
> 2008/7/1 Onno Benschop <onno at itmaze.com.au>:
> > On 01/07/08 09:07, Jésica Disenfeld wrote:
> > > Hi
> > > I've just got in the group and I could do the posters in spanish and
> > > the text of the web but I don't know to make it have that design ...
> >
> > The first step would be to actually provide translations of the text.
> >
> > The wiki has source files for all of the posters that were provided by
> > Tord:
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MarketingTeam/Materials/se
> >
> > If you're so inclined, then you can download the source, open the
> > documents, insert your translations and put them on the wiki.
> >
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