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Manish Sinha manishsinha.tech at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 16:05:07 GMT 2008

Jacob F. Roecker wrote:
> Dear All:
> I would like to offer to purchase server space for a ubuntu advertising 
> campagin similar to the windows mojave / I'm a PC I'm a Mac deal.  I'm a 
> new user to the OS and thrilled that I have an alternative to windows.  
> More people ought to know about this!  More people ought to know about 
> edubuntu!  I wanna help spread the word.
> I can pay for the space, but my time and programming skills suck.  I 
> think if it hosted a series of video testimonials maybe it could do some 
> good.  We could start by putting positive youtube vids on the site... 
> and then clean it up from there.  Eventually people need to be able to 
> post their more professional vids.... 
> It'll cost me $15 a year to host.  I'd love to throw some google ads on 
> there to help offset the cost of my other projects ( 
> http://reprise.trailbrain.com ).  But I'll do what the group decides.
> There's several domains available, anyone would work fine:
> whylinux.us
> whyubuntu.com
> whyubuntu.net
> whyubuntu.us
> Please let me know if I'm totally off my rocker here.  I'm just thrilled 
> that I've got my kids compy working at a faster than XP pace on ubuntu 
> 8.4 and that the edubuntu add-on has helped my 7 year olds math skills 
> improve....   Why don't more schools go with this????
> Thanks for your time.
> -Jacob
The name whyubuntu.com suits better than the others.
I can suggest you some youtube vids which can be embedded in the site. I 
am usually quite busy as am still a student and want to make my final 
project related to FOSS as nice as possible.
I have always been a admiring ubuntu for its use and simplicity. Sure, I 
would be in touch with you

Manish Sinha

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