[ubuntu-marketing] whyubuntu.com

Jacob F. Roecker jacob at roeckerfam.com
Sun Dec 28 05:01:07 GMT 2008

Dear All:

I would like to offer to purchase server space for a ubuntu advertising 
campagin similar to the windows mojave / I'm a PC I'm a Mac deal.  I'm a 
new user to the OS and thrilled that I have an alternative to windows.  
More people ought to know about this!  More people ought to know about 
edubuntu!  I wanna help spread the word.

I can pay for the space, but my time and programming skills suck.  I 
think if it hosted a series of video testimonials maybe it could do some 
good.  We could start by putting positive youtube vids on the site... 
and then clean it up from there.  Eventually people need to be able to 
post their more professional vids.... 

It'll cost me $15 a year to host.  I'd love to throw some google ads on 
there to help offset the cost of my other projects ( 
http://reprise.trailbrain.com ).  But I'll do what the group decides.

There's several domains available, anyone would work fine:


Please let me know if I'm totally off my rocker here.  I'm just thrilled 
that I've got my kids compy working at a faster than XP pace on ubuntu 
8.4 and that the edubuntu add-on has helped my 7 year olds math skills 
improve....   Why don't more schools go with this????

Thanks for your time.


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