[ubuntu-marketing] The "I'm Linux" Video Contest (Mike Feravolo)

dan dantrevino at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 20:54:18 GMT 2008

An ad is never gonna be developed by committee. Do it. Realize that you're
never going to please everyone in the Linux community, or even the Ubuntu

I, and millions others, thank you for your contribution, even if you don't

Good luck.

On Dec 24, 2008 12:40 PM, "Ellipsis" <ellipsis18 at zoho.com> wrote:

I think we should focus on our audience, which is unlikely to be very
mainstream. Primary views will come from current users and those in the
technology community. Thus, there are two goals that should be accomplished.
The first is to rally or inspire our community. The second is not to push
away those who know of Linux, but do not use it for one reason or another
(ie. "power users" of other OSs".

To accomplish these goals while still having some appeal to the mainstream
is difficult but possible. I think for example that we should focus on the
"Linux" as a whole rather than just Ubuntu because it will conflict with the
first goal. It will rally the Ubuntu community but others might not be so
pleased. Secondly, by making it a "competitive ad" such as the "I'm a Mac"
ads, it will conflict with goal number two. Thus I beleive we need to do a
"the power of we" ad. The ad would for example show case open source
principles, but more also show that open source and Linux work with
propratiary OSs (dual booting, VMs, etc.), softwate and drivers.

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