[ubuntu-marketing] The "I'm Linux" Video Contest (Mike Feravolo)

Alan Lord alanslists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 17:27:02 GMT 2008

alan c wrote:
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> Cut to the Chase:
> The things which keep me using Linux (Ubuntu) is nothing to do with 
> Microsoft or its campaign.
> I love Ubuntu and Linux because I feel freedom and joy when I use it.
> I feel the community around me.
> I feel secure and safe when I am using a system which is created with 
> pride by the people who use it with pride.
> People who have a passion for freedom and quality.

Amen to that. Good prose Al. This follows nicely from the recent Jono B 
"manifesto for the common man".

Alan (The Open Sourcerer)

(Hey we have three of the founding Alans here on the same thread!)

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