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Hi Warren,

I don't think that there is anything out there yet.  But stay tuned, because
it sounds like Chris will be getting this together! It's pretty exciting

2008/12/16 Warren W <linuxmalta at gmail.com>

> sorry to intrude but i am hosting a free DAB station over the med and iwas
> wondering if there where any "such" radio ads? as i will soon team up with a
> couple of local (fm) radios in malta and transmit from the maltese islands
> as far as sicily and libya so where can i get the work/ideas and then i
> could modify them into local language? asmall isda ofa very outdated (server
> had crashed "short circut from a power surge on the island")
>  is www.linuxmalta.tk or malta loco team
> On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 4:04 AM, Bret Fledderjohn <freelancer317 at gmail.com
> > wrote:
>> I'm sorry, I'm kinda doing a stream of consciousness thing here, and I'm
>> top posting more than I should... :-)
>> What type of audience is it? We need to know that in order to craft a
>> message that will appeal to them.  If they are tech saavy, obviously, the
>> script will need to be a much different message than if they are not.  Also
>> if they are generally familar with OSS and Linux that is another very
>> different message.
>> The problem we have with on-air radio stations in the states is that they
>> are struggling to make money right now, so that stations of any significant
>> listenerships are not willing to do much free with non-profits (plus you
>> have to be a registered non-profit entity to qualify anyway).  The best way
>> to get good rates is to ask for midnight to midnight non-dayparted spots.
>> Frequently you can get them for next to nothing, unfortunately most of your
>> ads run in the overnight time slots when there are very few listeners.
>> This would be a good one to try to tie in Canonical's marketing
>> department, especially since they may want to give some kind of script
>> approval (or suggestions!) before these ads run, because of the trademarks.
>> Is Gerry Carr still in charge of marketing over there?  We should perhaps
>> email him to see what his thoughts are.  If you like, I will be more than
>> happy to contact him.  If you want to, his email is
>> gerry.carr at canonical.com
>> 2008/12/14 Christopher Swift <chris.r.swift at googlemail.com>
>>> Absolutely! Ubuntu podcasters already have the skills for the job. Of
>>> course if/when we get the ad written up, I think that we should make a post
>>> in our locale mailing lists, for example Ubuntu-UK, with copies of a
>>> transcript and seperate mp3/ogg files that can be combined to make the final
>>> piece, allowing room for translations or indeed accent differences with the
>>> US. And then hopefully, it'll be a viral ad on many people's internet and
>>> even local radio stations. I intend on contacting one and see if in my area
>>> they have lower rates for non-profit radio adverts and then hold a
>>> fund-raiser for my local Linux user group to cover it.
>> Podcasters could be great for this.  They have the tools and the interest
>> to make great sounding spots.  As far as on-air, expect to spend some money
>> if you want these to run in prime time (6am - 7pm).  On the bright side,
>> most radio stations will write and produce the ad for no extra charge (at
>> least here in the US).
>>> But before we get carried away, I'm going to spend this week working on
>>> drafts and I would be eternally grateful if you have an idea and post it
>>> even if your email just contains the words "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac". No, I am
>>> not intending for it to be in that style but if you said that I'd get the
>>> picture asap. I'll be posting for some volunteer jobs if anyone's interested
>>> however.
>> I really think we need to see the demographics before we start putting
>> together the message.
>>> Thanks for reading,
>>> Christopher Swift <Chris.R.Swift at Gmail.Com>
>>> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 11:27 PM, Chris Rowson <
>>> christopherrowson at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 11:19 PM, Christopher Swift <
>>>> chris.r.swift at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>>>> I've spoken to the station owner, they have two servers on which they
>>>>> broadcast the radio on. They've said as Ubuntu is a non-profit organisation
>>>>> they have no problem advertising it for free and we can have any length
>>>>> advertisement slot. I'm now in the progress of explaining Ubuntu and OSS. I
>>>>> need to contact another person to get the demographics but they have said
>>>>> that there are roughly 500 people always tuned in with of course peaks at
>>>>> certain times of the night and day.
>> Can they rotate different messages and can they position them in different
>> time slots?  Will they fit them, where ever they can, or will they commit to
>> certain hours... And what kind of frequency can we get?  If this is one
>> message, one time, it really isn't going to accomplish very much.  The human
>> brain has become so desensitized to ads that you have to hit the listener at
>> least three times for them to retain the message.
>>>>> By the thanks for your interest Bret, I obviously won't be able to do
>>>>> this alone, I'm a student of science and not of media :P
>>>>> On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 10:35 PM, Bret Fledderjohn <
>>>>> freelancer317 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> What are we looking at, a :10 second, :30 second, or :60 second spot
>>>>>> (commercial)?   Also, it is only a one spot, one time deal?  It's going to
>>>>>> be hard to generate a large response off one ad, especially on a small
>>>>>> station like that.  I'd be interested in the listener habits (How long they
>>>>>> spend listening, and when) and demographics (age, sex, other stats,
>>>>>> employement, etc).  If this is an on-air station, they should have some
>>>>>> Arbitron numbers (ratings) which can shed some light on that info.
>>>>>> I don't know if there is any radio ads floating around (although I
>>>>>> doubt it), I'd be willing to help out.  I've worked in radio advertising for
>>>>>> about 4 years (selling), but I have written several spots as well.
>>>>>> Regardless, I'd love to hear how this turns out!
>>>>>> Bret
>>>>>> 2008/12/14 Christopher Swift <chris.r.swift at googlemail.com>
>>>>>>> Hello, I am searching for some advice on radio advertising for
>>>>>>> Ubuntu-Marketing. I have found out that I can get a free radio slot on a
>>>>>>> community radio station so I am trying to make the most of it. The community
>>>>>>> has roughly 48,000 members and I'd hope that 10% listen to the radio daily
>>>>>>> so that gives me room for about 4800 to listen to the adverts. I am
>>>>>>> searching for a pre-composed radio advert for Ubuntu; if this is not
>>>>>>> possible or simply doesn't exist yet then I am willing to try and
>>>>>>> co-ordinate an attempt to setup a recording myself.
>>>>>>> If you are able to help out, whether it be with an existing advert or
>>>>>>> perhaps with voiceovers or help with the radio advert script or even sound
>>>>>>> editting I'd be fully greatful. Hopefully if it gets done, we can release it
>>>>>>> under the GPL 2 licence or other for other Ubuntu users to freely use on
>>>>>>> their respective sites/stations.
>>>>>>> If you have any ideas, please mail them back to me (and the rest of
>>>>>>> the list). No matter how silly it sounds ;-). I hope that we can set off and
>>>>>>> really make this work.
>>>>>>> I look forward to hearing from you,
>>>>>>> Christopher Swift <Chris.R.Swift at Gmail.Com>
>>>> Have you thought about approaching any Ubuntu podcasters?
>>>> Chris
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