[ubuntu-marketing] Canonical Server Edition Advertising

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Thu Nov 29 00:20:28 GMT 2007

Quoting Chris Rowson <christopherrowson at gmail.com>:

A good initiative to kick start Ubuntu campaigns through viral videos.

> trying to get something like this set up, give me a shout. I'm sure
> there are others here who'd help out too. There may even be media able
> people reading the list. I suggested a competition a while ago in the
> 'Ubuntu Viral Video' thread.

Agreed, a competition may be exciting but that would mean more work from a
logistics perspective. Even I have been thinking on the same lines of having a
open contest for a creative video clip to create awareness about a software I
am associated with. Had tried earlier with a blog contest in India but did not
evince enough interest :-(

For a company like Canonical it would be in their best business 
interest to hire
a couple of professional media companies that have created some great and
successful viral videos and pitch them against each other and measure the
effectiveness of the campaigns. Remember, its Ubuntu Server and not Ubuntu

> Check out these Linux video ads:
> Can't we create something with a little more impact?
At first sight, even I found it not so effective. Keeping the video short has
some benefits like people with less time can catch the end message. But any
video that is highly creative catches attention up to a minute or two without
the viewer moving on to next link.

> Please don't treat this as me slating what you've done. I think its a
> good beginning, I just think we can do better ;-)

Better can be done. The current work was fine for a start to get some inputs
from the community only to return with a greater impact.

Just some Free and Open thoughts :-)


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