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Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 01:51:43 GMT 2007

On Nov 9, 2007 3:39 PM, Tadeusz Cantwell <t4dc4n at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I thought you might be interested in an article on Ubuntu in a british
> computer magazine called 'Computer Active'. (1-14th Nov 07) It is
> aimed at the novice PC user and gives a simple introduction under the
> title 'Get started with Linux'. I shows how far the OS has come that
> it can be offered as an option to basic computer users.
> There has also been mentions on http://chris.pirillo.com/page/1/ who
> posts on general computer issues. There has been anti-linux statements
> from members on page. As well as positive comments from people who use
> it. I have been watching the videos and slowly Ubuntu has been
> mentioned in more positive light as time passes and has been tested.
> Anyway, thanks for reading
> tad


Is it possible to get a scan (a small chunk would be fair use|dealing)
or a link?


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