[ubuntu-marketing] Dell stops selling Ubuntu Laptops in the UK?

Stephen Hildrey steve at uptime.org.uk
Tue Nov 6 20:40:46 GMT 2007

Alan Pope wrote:
> http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/topics/topic.aspx/emea/segments/gen/client/en/ubuntu_landing?c=uk&%20cs=ukdhs1&l=en&s=dhs
> Click "Choose Ubuntu Notebook" and I get a constantly refreshing page
> with no content.


I get the expected "Build my Dell" page, with the OS listed as "Ubuntu 
Desktop Edition Version 7.04". Base price is 398.99 GBP inc vat/p&p.

Not debating your core point re: Dell/Ubuntu, but the page works for me.


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