[ubuntu-marketing] So I had a quick conversation with Chris Kenyon at Canonical

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 10:10:59 BST 2007

Hey all,

Prompted by some concerns within the team about duplication of
resources and my own thoughts about how we can better coordinate with
Canonical, poor me stayed well past my bedtime (UK is +8 on me) and
spoke with Chris.

He reiterated that the Canonical marketing efforts are fairly narrowly
focused and that duplicating the community work is crazy. Here are the
salient points:

= Press Releases =
This will be written by Canonical's press agency and will be released
to the community for translation on the 11th of April at the latest.

It is absolutely critical we respect embargo on this press release.
This means that if you translate the press release, it cannot be sent
to press agencies before Canonical releases the official English one.
If we screw this one up, it is going to be much harder to get press
releases before the actual release date.

= Features Tour =
This is our baby. Based on the wiki pages of the Herd and Beta, this
will be a features tour of all that is great and new about Feisty.
This will be delivered in the following formats:

1. A wiki page - for primary development
2. Xhtml - for the web and for translation in Rosetta
3. ODF - for general use
4. PDF - generated from the ODF, for printing

I have committed that I will get this done by the 11th of April at the
latest as well.

= DIY website =

This is Martin's baby, but Chris was very much interested in this. He
said they would help with hosting if needed.

= How can you help? =

The Features Tour and the DIY website both need help. If you want to
help with the former, please contact me. For the latter, Martin.

= So where is Christina? =

Sadly, Christina has left Canonical. As such, Chris is now our point
person on this.

= Finale =

Basically, the press release and features tour will be done by the
11th, in time for translators to get their little paws on it.

All in all, Chris is a great guy. Lets all rock to the Feisty release!


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