[ubuntu-marketing] spread linux competition

Stijn Gysemans stijn.gysemans at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:17:07 GMT 2007

Hi, I'm new over here so let's shortly introduce myself: student,
belgium, studies in informatics and commercial science, vision: let the
whole world be a part of the wonderful story called "ubuntu".

The idea I would like to propose is as follows. 

Set up a (friendly) competition in which current Ubuntu user need to
make friends and family switch to Ubuntu. The more people you convince,
the higher you are on the ranking: those people KNOW how to do this.

Of course to make the story interesting and we want to be able to gather
some feedback.
-A small description of the user who has been converted (expert or
novice in the computer world)
-What were the problems you faced during the installation.
-Where their any inconveniences after the switch

Image how many data we can gather and how many people we can make them
do the switch!

It's still an idea. Please comment!


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