[ubuntu-marketing] Ubuntu Idea Storm, Web2.0 R&D

Richard Houston rhouston at rlhc.net
Thu Mar 15 14:10:14 GMT 2007

> As you all know;   Dell launched dellideastorm.com to get community
> feedback and suggestions.   I think this move was brilliant on Dell's
> part, allowing them to get invaluable feedback that otherwise would have
> been too vast, overwhelming and complex to deal with.  This "Web2.0"
> approach allowing users to vote and comment ideas, allows the most
> popular to float to the top, to "separate the wheat from the chaff" so to
> speak

> I purpose that Canonical follow suit with a similar "idea storm".  A
> web2.0approach similar to dell's ideastorm, for ideas on how to improve
> ubuntu , suggestions, constructive criticism and annoyances.     A place
> where people feel their opinions can actually be heard, rather than
> ignored.

I think this is a great idea. Leverage the community where some of the
user may not be inclined to use Launchpad.

> It has been my experience that developers while brilliant and
> technically capable lack the ability to see the perspective of the
> "average Joe computer
> user".   It has also been pointed out that the forums and lauchpad allow
> for users to give feedback, however both of these lack the spirit that
> the " Web2.0" approach gives.  Launchpad is imho too technical for most
> users, and the forums really don't provide an easy way to harness the
> collective opinions of ubuntu's user base.

I would tend to agree, we need to address the needs of Joe Average not
just the technical user.

Something else Ubuntu may want to consider is a screen after the first
install where the user could sign up for a news letter sort of thing.
Once there is a collection of email addresses have the news letter an on
line page and present surveys/polls to the user to get some feed back.

Here is what I a getting at : I put my father on Ubuntu and he love it.
My mom is now using it for her office tasks for there home bases computer
consulting business. I can guarantee that they would never use launch pad
and if they did not have me driving them to use it and explain some of
the reasons thing are done the way they are they would have switched
back. The survey/poll via a on line news letter may be enough to get some
feed back and keep the ones that may feel very alone in they first
experience with Linux.
> I can see only good things coming from harnessing the collective wisdom
> of users, such as allowing for coherent, focused and prioritized feedback
> for the developers.




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