[ubuntu-marketing] Dell's Moving on Linux - 100, 000 Customer Requests

Nicholas Castilla nick.castilla at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 7 21:21:18 GMT 2007

Well i have been a Dell customer for a long time, and i do remember in
1999/2000 Dell selling RHEL notebooks. Microsoft stopped that, i really
don't think Dell with offer Ubuntu. I think Dell will reach a agreement with
Novell, and shipping computers with SLED. Or possibly OpenSuse.


On 07/03/07, John Little <johnwlittle at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Will everyone please stop repeating whatever the media chooses to
> > interpret and misinform us about ?
> That's a bit harsh. I'm aware of the bad reporting around this story.
> I've been covering it and serving as a media source correcting the
> "pre-installation" rumors and bad reporting from day one.
> I think Dell, not a blogger or a poster on a forum, but a Dell
> spokesman saying that they have 100,000 customer requests for Linux is
> noteworthy.
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