[ubuntu-marketing] some feedback

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Mar 7 19:32:35 GMT 2007

Monty King wrote:
> Hello
>      I have been using kubuntu for about a year now, some of that time as my
> primary desktop os.  I would rate my knowledge level at high, although I am
> not a linux kernel hacker or any such thing...but as far as computer
> experience in general, it is higher than much of the general public.

(I note this is a marketing list and will not expect to see technical 
or bug issues generally)

> After buying the 6.10 alternate upgrade cd, the
> Kubuntu cdupdate just flat does not work.

Buying a CD is not central to this issue is it? Hopefully the CD 
accuracy was checked say with md5.

>  I am told I have to use adept to
> do it, but read on the news lists that people have crashing systems all over
> by doing it that way.

I would personally chose a clean install, and not carry out an upgrade 
between versions - (if I understand you correctly).

>  So after buying a copy from linux cd source in
> France,

you or your friends can download free if you wish

> I am not going to mess with it.  I will use the cd to install on a
> new system or two

In my opinion this is the most reliable way of moving between 
versions, although I guess many do upgrade. The version upgrade is 
more likely to give trouble if your installation has much installed 
into it - presumably including from various repositories. Your use 
might have been like this maybe.  A totally  standard, unambitious 
installation is likely to be the most successful for version upgrades 
I think. It is easier to predict what it contains.

[... snip ]

> Well thanks for the ability to feed back to you.  Keep up the good work.  I
> am interested in Open Mosix, so I hope you guys will continue to support the
> 2.4 kernel for awhile yet, as their 2.6 kernel support isn't really ready
> yet.
>      As far as comiz and beryl... that stuff is neat, but please focus on
> upgrades, stability, and problems with software.
> Thanks again

you are welcome, although the developers are not so likely to read 
this forum - your activity in the forums is going to do good.
The community activity is central to Ubuntu and its family, and it is 
the most popular facilities which will be most worked on.

alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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