[ubuntu-marketing] Replace the UWN with something a little more "Social"?

Matt Galvin mgalvin at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 5 02:27:42 GMT 2007

On 3/1/07, Adam <adamant1988 at gmail.com> wrote:
> What do you guys think?

My general feeling is that the UWN was going along just fine for
while. When I first started it it was worked on exclusively on the
wiki and very quickly many people started to help out. It was great.
The delivery methods (wiki, ubuntu-news, fridge, planet) worked well
as this allowed many people to find it easily or get it emailed right
to them. I don't think any issues with the UWN came from how it was
being written or delivered. The people working on it seem to get
really busy at times and it doesn't get done. I stopped having time
for a while and it got picked up by Cory and others which was great to
see. I think the main thing that we need to consider is getting a
group of people who can consistently find time to work on it. When i
still had time I had started a Ubuntu Newsletter team in launchpad and
everything in a effort to start that process. Toward the end of this
month I will likely have a fair bit of free time again and plan to get
involved with UWN again. As much as I don't really like working on UWN
in gobby (it raises the barrier a bit for people just getting started)
I will leave that alone for now since its not really a big deal. At
any rate I don't think that the UWN needs to be changed. It needs to
actually be written each week. Written by a group of people with the
time and dedication (collectively) to actually do it each and every
week. It is a lot of work at times, I know. I think one area where we
can focus some efforts is possibly developing tools to help the UWN
authors aggregate the information that we use in the UWN such as
-changes, -security, -announce, etc... Collecting and monitoring all
the "news sources" was what I always found the most time consuming. If
we can reduce the amount of work it takes to find the news, we can
focus on creating the UWN itself.

So in summary:

* Do the work on the wiki since this (to me at least) seems easiest
for anyone looking to contribute. (I understand the benefits of Gobby,
although getting people to use it can be a hurdle. If they can just
edit a wiki page that is much easier. This has been my experience at
* Get a team of people who actually have the time to write it each week.
* Develop tools to aggregate the "news sources" so it is not so tedious.
* Don't change the current delivery methods. Many people are happy
with the current methods, when the UWN actually gets written. Adding
other delivery methods is something to discuss, but don't get rid of
the current methods.

And as mdke mentioned. Let's not forget why the UWN was started. Its
really meant sort of as a weekly progress report. This idea actually
came from discussions with mdz, Jane and others inside Canonical
including input from sabdlf. We should not loose focus of the original
goals which still stand as far as I am know.

Just my two cents.

I will try and put my money where my mouth is and start helping out
again consistently within the next few weeks as I start getting my
free time back. Who else it willing to work on it consistently? I
think that is the real issue.

The fact that we are even having this discussion show there is
obviously interest in keeping UWN going strong. It doesn't need to be
changed. It needs some elbow grease and love.


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