[ubuntu-marketing] Replace the UWN with something a little more "Social"?

Adam adamant1988 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 18:45:48 GMT 2007

I'm not sure what you mean by a more social solution. UWN is edited on a
> wiki - the most collaborative way possible, without getting into real
> time collaborative editing. I think replacing UWN by email with a forum
> post would be a mistake. UWN is currently pushed to people, a forum post
> requires people to go find it.

 I don't mean social as in collaborative, I'm sorry for the confusion.  I
meant social as in allowing for user feedback and discussion.

I think this is more an argument to rethink The Fridge, than to ditch
> UWN. I've been out of touch lately, but I'm willing to bet there'd be a
> fair bit of support for integrating The Fridge fully with the marketing
> team. That way, The Fridge isn't at the mercy of an exclusive coterie of
> editors.

 I would support this, if we were allowed to post editorial style posts
concerning the news.

UWN, however it's delivered, can still have a place, I think. Some
> people may not want to track a blog but enjoy receiving a weekly digest.
> It's good to work out why UWN exists and who its for.
> As others have said, we don't need another site. Let's make the most of
> what we have. Let's have a debate about what the Fridge is for, what UWN
> is for and how we should move them forward.

I'm sure creating a weekly digest of posts from the fridge would hardly be

> So, if the marketing team does take over the Fridge, we'd need to work
> out how to decide who gets to be an editor, etc and what content we want
> it to have. Once that's sorted, it's just a matter of switching
> discussion to this list, rather than the close fridge-devel list.
> Any thoughts?

Anyone who shows the ability to write a decent article should be allowed to
write for the fridge.  If need be posts to the fridge could require
moderation from a specific group before they were allowed to go public.
This would ensure "quality control".  Anyone who maintains a decent blog is
probably a good candidate for writing for the fridge in this fashion.

- Adam.
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