[ubuntu-marketing] Replace the UWN with something a little more "Social"?

Lionel Porcheron lionel at alveonet.org
Thu Mar 1 23:47:23 GMT 2007

Hi all,

On jeu, 2007-03-01 at 20:47 +0000, Matthew East wrote:

> However, not all news items are interesting for the Fridge's userbase.
> The vast majority of the UWN is useful for people working *within* the
> Ubuntu community to keep in touch with other aspects of the community.
> As the community grows, the UWN gets more and more *vital* to ensuring
> that the community can keep in touch and avoid fragmenting. For example,
> active participants on the Forums can tell us what is happening there,
> active participants in the art team can do the same, and so on. We must
> not lose that.

I see another aspect of the UWN. The French translation of the UWN is
distributed as:
- a mail on the French users mailing list
- a topic on the French forum
- an article on the French planet

At least the two first media, permit people who does not follow the
Ubuntu actuality (by not subscribing to any planet, any blog) to be
informed on what's going on in Ubuntu. They are not involved in the
Ubuntu community, but they are happy to know what's new. We have had a
lot of good feed back for the posts on the French users mailing list.

With the UWN we *push* informations to users, he does not have to pull

> So, in sum: the Fridge and the UWN have differing functions, both of
> which are essential and shouldn't be lost.

I can not agree more :-).

I think there were good ideas for lightening the UWN process in this
thread, I would not like this newsletter to be lost, for me, and for the
users. I would be glad to help.



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