[ubuntu-marketing] Dell and the Linux promise

Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 1 13:13:18 GMT 2007

alan c wrote:
> For some days now there has been an avalanche of requests for linux 
> including Ubuntu, on Dell machines, [...]
> But why do I not see a Ubuntu comment in addition to Novell?
> And why is it only corporate products?

Eric S Raymond provides some insight in his " World Domination 201"  
paper. I posted about this in the past few days here:

So really, we need to stop correlating the survey with their Novell 
announcement and remember this is a limited,
corporate-market target, Novell-only-for-now deal. Good news, but 
certainly not "Any Linux on all Dells for eveyone, because of this 
single survey". Why ? Among other reasons, the seer size of Dell - but 
also pressure from MS I guess.

They actually clarified that later on:

Fabian Rodriguez

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