[ubuntu-marketing] Dell Refuses to Sell Ubuntu to Business!!

Mike Feravolo eztips at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 21 18:06:54 BST 2007

Hello Everyone:

I have not tried to buy a computer with Ubuntu installed on it from
Dell, but this type of thing doesn't surprise me at all.

Here is the opening paragraph taken from the Dell Web Site:

"You asked, we listened. For advanced users and tech enthusiasts, we’re
happy to offer a new open-source operating system, so you can dive in
and truly enjoy a PC experience just the way you want it. In addition to
the FreeDOS systems we already offer, we are proud to announce PCs with

Which is followed by a link to "Shop Dell PC's with Windows". After that
they ask you "Already an Open Source fan ?".

This is all a fine of example of the biggest problem with marketing any
Linux / Open Source Computing Solution. Before anyone with out a degree
in Computer Science, even understands what you are talking about. Let's
go ahead and scare them away from Open Source, by telling them every
possible thing that can go wrong with it.

Of course, they are selling them and it's a good thing that someone like
Dell is behind Open Source. Maybe some of the big box electronics
retailers will follow and place a few Ubuntu systems out on a sales
floor where everyone can see, hear and touch them. Then they will sell
to everyone, not just people that are: "Already an Open Source fan".

--> Shop for Ubuntu,


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