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Catharina Bethlehem cath at freelancenetwerk.nl
Thu Jun 21 14:58:40 BST 2007


I am not very active on this list, but active in other ways..

We run a business for selling Ubuntu laptops and desktops 

We also run a website for open content courses and tutorials at 

Actually for fun and out of curiousity, I rented a piece of land and  
started building on second life. Now we have a pyramid for promoting our 
business but also other stuff related to open source,
open content, creative commons and so on.

I also started a group for Ubuntu on second life because there was not 
one yet and now we have over 200 members

What I like about Second Life is that it makes it easy and fun for 
people to cooperate; many people have started help me building and now 
we also started an initiative for realizing
an open island where all kind of "open projects" could present itselve, 
we could have meetings and so on. We are also in contact with related 
groups like the open source group and the binary freedom group on SL 
who  are also  interested in moving to an open island and form a cluster 
of open source related things.

I don't know if people here are interested in Second Life but if you 
are, please visit us at:

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Istaria%20Prime/82/247/21 (Ubuntu Linux Pyramid)
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Istaria%20Prime/82/247/21 (Free and Open Island)


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