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We do need a better dog and pony show, is that not what that Microsoft 
Coffee table is.

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[ubuntu-marketing] Subject: Re:  Selling Ubuntu to People

Good Day People:

I don't know what "Advocate" means and I wouldn't even know how to spell
it if there weren't spell checkers.

I guess that's because I majored in Computer Science in college and not
English. So I use small words to express my thoughts like "sell", since
that is what you have to do to get regular people to do something new.

That's what that company from Seattle Washington does, and that is why
they are [excuse the big word] monopolizing our trade right now.

I used my personal checking account to buy space at business function so
people could see Ubuntu in action. I also invited everyone from the
Florida Loco Group to show up. 

I also wanted everyone to know about this so they could possibly do
similar things to help people understand what Linux is and not to be
afraid of it.

When I get a phone call from someone who "isn't selling something", I
just say "that's nice why are you calling me . . . Bye " 

Of course they are selling something, but they are hiding behind
confusing rhetoric only to con me into something that I don't want.


Mike Feravolo
Cocoa Beach, Florida USA

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