[ubuntu-marketing] fullcircle #1 - ready for Marketing perusal...

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 13:17:20 BST 2007

On 6/7/07, Alan Pope <alan at popey.com> wrote:
> Hi Corey,
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 04:51:45AM -0700, Corey Burger wrote:
> > In the future, how do we make certain wiki-based editing is better
> > done and gets into the magazine? Is there another place that first
> > level editing should be done?
> >
> I think the subject of "publicly editing" has been discussed here (and on
> the forums, and on irc) before. The general consensus then was that editing
> on the wiki means the magazine content (or potential content) is then public
> which means that there is less surprise when the magazine comes out. In
> addition some contributors were very much against others being able to edit
> "their" submissions.
> Not my point of view, just forwarding summary of past conversations.

Right. I respect the 2nd argument, because I can understand where they
are coming from. Although as an good writer knows, a good editor is
your lifeline. I am not sold on the whole "splashy launch" bit. 99% of
the people who are going to read this magazine, given its high
quality, are never going to venture near the Ubuntu wiki, let alone
start hacking around for a story scoops. And you know what, if they
are? Let 'em. We might be able to turn them into writers and win
contributors, which is the truly key battle.


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