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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 4 08:30:43 BST 2007

An afterthough, as usual:

* Matthew East:
> * Corey Burger:
>> If spam did not exist I would agree with you. So better to have two
>> lists, one to collect the original sending with a reply-to to the 2nd
>> list, the actual main discussion list.
> Strongly disagree. Spam on open lists isn't actually a serious problem.
> A reasonable spam filter will always get rid of the vast majority, and
> in any case you can just ignore it.
> I certainly don't think it's worthwhile having two separate lists, which
> is (a) confusing for newcomers, (b) annoying in terms of requiring
> everyone to subscribe to two lists. After all, if *one* of your two
> lists is open, then everyone has to deal with the spam anyway. Or had
> you envisaged that some people would subscribe to one list, and others
> to another? I just think this will create too many issues unnecessarily.

An idea might be to go with a single list, open to begin with. If people
are willing to moderate the list so that genuine emails will go through,
then I think we can switch it to moderation. This will be even easier
when a webform is set up that can be accessed from the Fridge or the wiki.

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