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Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 4 08:09:52 BST 2007


* Corey Burger:
> Martin wrote:

>> The idea would be to have an ubuntu-news team, which would in fact
>> just group all of us working on UWN, The Fridge, Ubuntu.com News and
>> FullCircle.
>> Most of the current projects members overlap, as the news stories do,
>> so something useful for The Fridge, might also be useful for UWN.

I think these projects should definitely be sharing resources, which is
why I made the suggestion in the first place. However, I think it's a
big mistake to create a new team, whose job is to look after all the
projects, at least at this stage.

My main reason is that it's too large a change. Given that the projects
already have established processes and memberships, unifying resources
and creating a new team at the same time is making too many changes at
the same time. A team needs to have processes about people and project
management and each of the news initiatives that we've talked about
already have those in place. I wouldn't be against improving some of
those (in particular the Fridge which I've been involved in, because
we've talked about ways of improving the team processes many times), but
that is a separate subject. Taking these on at the same time is going to
lead to too much confusion and it's too ambitious.

We may not be that far apart, I suppose. I don't have any seriously
strong objections to creating another launchpad team, as long as it is
an umbrella team made up of existing groups; and provided that it is
clear that the existing groups are the groups working on the various
related projects.

Down the line we may wish to bring some of these groups together and/or
give them common processes, but in my opinion it's way too early for
that. I've learnt over the time I've contributed to Ubuntu that the most
important principle for working with communities is to take things a
step at a time, and in bitesize pieces.

> If spam did not exist I would agree with you. So better to have two
> lists, one to collect the original sending with a reply-to to the 2nd
> list, the actual main discussion list.

Strongly disagree. Spam on open lists isn't actually a serious problem.
A reasonable spam filter will always get rid of the vast majority, and
in any case you can just ignore it.

I certainly don't think it's worthwhile having two separate lists, which
is (a) confusing for newcomers, (b) annoying in terms of requiring
everyone to subscribe to two lists. After all, if *one* of your two
lists is open, then everyone has to deal with the spam anyway. Or had
you envisaged that some people would subscribe to one list, and others
to another? I just think this will create too many issues unnecessarily.

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