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Christina Armstrong wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm the new communications manager here at Canonical. My role is to help
> Canonical employees and the Ubuntu community effectively communicate and
> spread the word about Ubuntu.
> So, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say hello and to thank you
> for the great work you've been doing in helping promote Ubuntu.
> My main aim moving forward will be to work more closely with Jono, and
> the regional marketing teams, to ensure we align our activities and work
> together more closely and effectively.
> At the end of they day our goal is the same - to spread the word about
> Ubuntu and its community. I'll be on hand along with Jono to:
>     * comment/brainstorm marketing ideas
>     * give advice for marketing campaigns
>     * help out with messaging for events/campaigns
>     * give guidance on how to deal with journalist enquiries
> Finally, I look forward to working with you all and to our continued
> success!
> Best Regards
> Christina
> (CJA)

Welcome to our mailing list, Christina.

I'm looking forward to work with you, and just in case you haven't seen
the MarketingTeam wiki, I'll briefly outline what we are doing.
We have this list, the #ubuntu-marketing IRC channel.
I would also like to have a meeting some time soon, but need more to
schedule for it :)

Our most visible product is the UWN, though be it more of an
intra-community issue, led by Corey Burger. Melissa Draper is doing the
Ubuntu counter and ubuntu surveys, Eldo Varghese is working on the Media
Relations project, originally started by Matt Revell. John Little has
ubuntuvideo.com up and running with community participation.
Dan Buch and I are working on what was originally called and planned as
Spreadubuntu (MarketingTeam/SpreadUbuntu - outdated), and is currently
simplified to the MarketingTeam/DIYWebsite . There, I'd like to offer
DIY marketing material for download, purchase or accept new material
from the community, as well as provide schemes of marketing Ubuntu
locally, ready to be used as cookbook recipes by locoteams or other
groups of willing users.
There is also the fridge, but it lives a life of its own in
#ubuntu-fridge and fridge-devel at lists.ubuntu.com

That said, we have established some time ago that the team has no leader
or contact, and is rather comprised of self-governing projects who's
leaders/contacts are the people who thought of the project and started
it single handedly, or were chosen by the project's team.

Thanks for reading,

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