[ubuntu-marketing] Structure

Matthew Revell matthew at understated.co.uk
Thu Aug 10 11:16:50 BST 2006

We've had seemingly endless hand-wringing over how the team should
work, what our purpose is, etc.

We don't need layers of bureaucracy. Talk of a "wish board", a team
council, official projects, voting and non-voting members fill me with
dread, quite frankly. We want to enable people, not put barriers in
their way.

Here's a really simple way for the team to work:

You've got an idea. Propose it to the list, expect to debate its
merits. If people like the idea, you may win them round to help you
out. If not, either do the work yourself or accept that it's not a
go-er for now.

If you're worried about how to phrase things, or argue your case,
don't be. Chat to people on the IRC channel or by email; we're a
friendly bunch and will help :) Be prepared that people might not like
your idea, though.

If your project/idea seems to work and is good for Ubuntu, it will
attract more people.

Decisions affecting the team as a whole should be debated on the list,
and decided at regular team meetings in #ubuntu-meeting.

Simple :)

Matthew Revell

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