[ubuntu-marketing] asking for opinions about URD

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 08:18:23 GMT 2005

> > What do you guys think of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuRequestDay
> >
> > is that too agressive?
> > --
> Definitely. I think it's not in the spirit of Ubuntu to use this kind of
> approach plus how credible will you be when they find out about your
> tactics ? I like the idea of going to stores to advocate the use of free
> software, but I'd simply ask if they know about it, and ask if they
> would let me "test their machines" with a LiveCD, taking the opportunity
> to show them "the stuff" :) You should have seen the guys faces when I
> did this with a Hoary LiveCD in a Dell booth (yeah, rare but true),
> downtown Montreal. Oh, those 700m Inspirons... :D
> If I were you I'd rename it "UbuntuInStores" and start contacting
> smaller, nieghborhood-friendly stores about supplying them with
> electronic DIYMaterial that they could include with their Ubuntu
> preinstallled machines - tell them about OEM mode installs, etc. Offer
> to have a listing of Ubuntu-friendly stores maintained by the LoCos
> people...


Personally I don't think being agressive is the way to go.  You want
to engage in a dialog with these store people, not to confront them.

Daniel Robitaille

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