Paul Sladen ubuntu at
Thu Nov 3 10:28:01 CST 2005

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Zach wrote:

Hello Zach,

> I just wanted to share a couple of Ubuntu success stories, and just a
> couple more things to add to the list of why I love using linux.

These are great---and it's even better to know what's working for you and
it's a shame to miss great stories like these two (on MP3 Splitting and
getting your Scanner).

So... I've taken your quotes and put them up as Testimonials:

I think if links are kept to the original stories, the testimonials could do
with some fairly extreme editing.

Apple used to have their famous "Switch" campaign at:

ZachC: if you are happy or think this is something that Ubuntu should be
doing, do you have a photo that could be added to the testimonials?

The outside is semi-cold here.  Montreal, CA

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