Gutsy release Party in Hasselt

Bart Broeckx bartek at
Mon Oct 22 11:49:39 BST 2007


my name is Bart Broeckx (nick: bartek) and I'm the organizer of the Gutsy
release Party in Hasselt.
There are 3 release party's held in Belgium: 1 in brussels, 1 in Roeselare
and 1 in Hasselt. (Liege is cancceled :()

The party in Hasselt was a very big succes, 100 persons where present. 20
Ubuntero's and 80 members of a computerclub. We've installed Ubuntu
7.10succesfully on 21 computers. Maybe these figures do not sound
impressing to
you but Belgium is a small country and devided by a language barrier. If you
think of it this way, you can say it was a succes.

Do you think you can use this in your weekly news? Maybe for some pics? If
you're not intrested: no problem.


Personal info:

Kind regards,
Bart Broeckx
Willekensmolenstraat 83/7
3500 Hasselt
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