Ubuntu Toolbox book

Chris Negus cnegus at rucls.net
Fri Nov 30 08:57:16 GMT 2007

A new book called "Ubuntu Linux Toolbox" by Christopher Negus and
Francois Caen (Wiley Publishing, 2007) was released this week. The book
aims at those aspiring to be power users of Ubuntu or Debian systems.

Rather that act as a rehash of man pages, the book shows more than 1000
useful command lines by category. The command lines present real
examples of working with files, playing with multimedia, backing up
data, accessing network resources, managing security, and many other
topics. The book should be useful for users and administrators wanting
to delve beneath the surface of an Ubuntu desktop.


I am one of the authors of the book. I have written many books on Linux
(including Red Hat Linux Bible, Linux Toys, Linux Bible and Fedora
Bible), but this is my first aimed primarily at Ubuntu users.

If you would like a review copy, please let me know where to send one.

-- Chris Negus

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