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Nordin bouchtaoui at gmail.com
Mer 22 Jan 11:24:57 UTC 2014

Salam alikoum dear brothers and sisters,

I have a question concerning this charity project. What happens when 
computers getting too old? Is there some organization in Morocco that 
recycles old computers and monitors? A lot of electronic devices contain 
materials that are poisonous for the Moroccan environment. The Western 
world really like to get rid of old electronics to poor countries like 
Morocco and other African countries, it's cheaper and cleaner for them 
and at the same time it looks like they're generous.

So, how do we deal with that?
I'm a Moroccan brother from the Netherlands.
Alaikoum salam wa rahmatoullah ou barakatouhou.

On 22/01/14 12:10, Yousef SAADY wrote:
> We are a charitable organization of volunteers who provide computers 
> to kids in disadvantaged areas so they have access to technology.  We 
> use and promote Open Source software and free/open content in our 
> labs.  Our past projects have used Lubuntu, Edubuntu, antiX Linux, 
> Cyanogenmod, offline Wikipedia, Khan Academy videos, and other 
> content.  Currently, we have computer labs in Mexico, Argentina, 
> Nepal, and India.
> This spring, one of our volunteers will be traveling to Morocco to set 
> up a small computer lab near Beni Mellal, Morocco (Ouaouizerth).  The 
> lab will have about 10 computers.  We are looking for Moroccan 
> volunteers with experience in installing and using an Open Source 
> distro (Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.) to help with this project.
> Would you be able to help with this computer lab?
> Pour ceux qui sont intéressé,veillez SVP de me contacter.
>  thank you.
> http://www.kidsoncomputers.org/

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