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I totally agree with you Nordin. Students must focus on their language
skills, not only English but French and many other languages too.

One thing I don't really understand, what would a Moroccan Linux distro add
One, most Moroccans don"t even know that alternatives to Windows and MacOS
exist. Two, even students are not interested by using those alternatives,
especially Linux, for the simple reason that they're blinded by the myth of
its advanced technicality. Well, it's technical, but anybody can dig into
it and learn it. I did it, and I believe anybody can do it.
But, the real issue here is that students are stuck in their intellectual
laziness & their lack of will to learn properly. Thus, a Moroccan Linux
distro is not the answer. You should start by introducing Linux to people,
I mean do more efforts to make the OS of choice for students and all
apprentices.  The reason why UNIX was successful in the laste 70s was
because a whole generation trained on it. I believe the same thing is
happening all around the world for Linux, except in Morocco where Microsoft
is pushing its products with ferocity, thus, flooding the Moroccan market
with its rubbish. Baby steps are usually the wisest approach.

Just a question, do you think there are great Moroccan systems
programmers (I don't say there aren't) with the required skills and willing
to spend the necessary man-hours into such project ? I wrote an OS alone,
it took me 4 years to make it usable (my code is clean, very clean). And,
of all the people I know, rare are those capable of that !

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 4:29 PM, nordin <bouchtaoui at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Why would Morocco need an own Linux distribution?
> It doesn't make any sense, just use an existing stable Linux distro like
> Ubuntu or Mint or other flavors.
> What are the benefits for having your own Moroccan distro?
> I really think that Moroccan technical students should learn English
> language well, because that's the language for programming, science and so
> on...
> Even the great masters of technique like the Germans use English language
> to talk and discuss about computer science with other people all over the
> world. French is nice for tourism, but science in computer technology and
> physics you better learn English language and cooperate with other computer
> science students all over the world.
> You know what a good idea is?
> Promote OpenStreetMap!
> Morocco needs a free digital map for everybody and all moroccan people can
> contribute to this project. Today a lot of people in Morocco has an Android
> smartphone with built in GPS device. It's a matter of downloading an
> openstreetmap app and put your city on map.
> OpenStreetMap for Morocco inchallah!
> On 14-1-2013 16:10, ihsan mokhlisse wrote:
> la création d'une distribution 100% marocaine dédier aux établissements
> publique pour simplifier les taches et réduire les coûts concernant les
> softwares
> Le 13 janvier 2013 19:55, elwadiamine0 <elwadiamine0 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>> bsr
>> j'ai une idée de lancer un événement a Marrakech au sujet des journées
>> open source, participez a amélioration de cette idée si possible .
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