[Ubuntu-ma] Fwd: maroc numéric 2013 et l 'opensource

Nordin bouchtaoui at gmail.com
Jeu 17 Juin 14:40:36 BST 2010

On 17-6-2010 15:10, Hassan Dibani wrote:
> Hi Nordin,
> Try Fring on Android, it supports Skype and even does Video chat. My brother
> calls me on it all the time.
> It works good even on my HTC Hero (man i need a new Android phone) so it
> would work great on the Desire.
> Hope this helps
> Hassan

I have to say that Android is the coolest thing I ever had. I had a HTC 
P3300 with WM5/6 before, but now it's like a new world is open for me :p
But when searching on Android Market (via my phone), I can't find 
Android Lite that suppose to be there for download.

But is Fring a good one? I don't want a hobby app on my brandnew phone, 
you know I'm a bit careful with ;-)
Even my wife gets jaleous :p

By the way, another subject, about a month ago I told Azzedine that we 
need to promote OpenStreetMap in Morocco.
OSM (OpenStreetMap) is a very interesting project to create a 
license-free digital map of Morocco.
A few weeks ago I was trying out "OSM Tracker" but didn't work well for 
me. I wanted to test and write a document about it to follow the steps.
We should definitely promote OSM in Morocco, it's as important as 
promoting Ubuntu ;-)

I'll do some tests soon on my phone and inchallah I'll write an 
introductory and a quick start about OSM.

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