[Ubuntu-lv] P?teris Caune sent you a Friend Request on Yaari

P?teris Caune cuu508 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 21:39:05 GMT 2009

P?teris Caune wants you to join Yaari!

Is P?teris your friend?

<a href="http://yaari.com/?controller=user&action=mailregister&friend=1&sign=YaariAKJ763TLC922KYR769OIW307">Yes, P?teris is my friend!</a> <a href="http://yaari.com/?controller=user&action=mailregister&friend=0&sign=YaariAKJ763TLC922KYR769OIW307">No, P?teris isn't my friend.</a>

Please respond or P?teris may think you said no :(

The Yaari Team
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