Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Release Party 30 avril

Fink Dennis themetalgamer at x303.cc
Wed Apr 28 19:38:27 BST 2010

Hey folks,

This friday, the 30 avril, is the Ubuntu Release Party at the
hackerspace in Strassen ( 11, rue du cimetière (am Hueflach) L-8018
Strassen Luxembourg )

The party starts at 6:00 pm ( 18:00 ). So come here and let have some
fun. Bring your friends.

There will be also a barbecue but you have to bring your own food.
( We have some food here but i don't know how many people will come. And
for the vegeterian people under us, we don't have such food here, i'll
bring some vegetarian food, but as previous it is the best if you bring
your own food. )

Fink Dennis
Nickname : the_Metalgamer
Blog : themetalgamer.blogsite.org
Email : themetalgamer at x303.cc

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