Ubuntu-LB Barcamp tmrw!! AltMediaCamp July 30 in Beirut

David Munir Nabti (منير دافيد نبتي) digitaldmn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 14:19:29 UTC 2011

Dear Ubuntu-LB Users!!

Sorry for late notice!  We've been waaaaay too quiet on this list, so I
nearly forgot it ...  in any case, THERE IS STILL TIME!!

This is to remind you of the upcoming BarCamp : "*AltMediaCamp: Envisioning
& Building the New Media Experience*" this Saturday, July 30 at *AltCity,

This gathering will bring people together who are working on CREATING media
content, tools, sites, apps, and more, and those who aspire to do that. From
content creators to developers, entrepreneurs to digital artists, how can we
support new media innovation in Lebanon, and more competitive media startup

Open source is a core part of the event!  And we'd love to have more ...

Come share your ideas, teach, learn, connect, collaborate, and have fun!

Click here for more details about the Event, Venue, Schedule and
Registration : http://rawab.it/AltMediaCamp
If you haven't heard ... AltMediaCamp is the final event of The AltMedia
Experience Week, with workshops and discussions on a variety of topics
related to alternative media, new media, and creative expression.  This is
the first main public activity of AltCity, a media / tech / social impact
collaboration space we are setting up in Hamra, with the planned full
opening in September. More details at: www.altcity.me  ... sign up on the
AltCity newsletter from there (we'll be doing a lot more stuff around open

Looking forward to see you there !



David Munir Nabti (منير دافيد نبتي) || CEO (Chief Entrepreneur & Organizer),
DevIneMedia & Hibr.me
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Conference<http://www.arabvolunteerconference.org/>organized by
avs.org.lb <http://www.avs.org.lb/>
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• Monitoring & translation of Arab & Iranian media:
 || Beirut/Gulf Exchange Programs May-July
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